Welcome to our new intern Trang Pham, of the master ode media innovation at Breda University of Applied Sciences. The title of her research will be: Telling immersive stories from my neighborhood: An exploration of the types of stories from their communities and the story telling techniques young Dutch audiences from Brabant would use for 360 degree video user-generated regional news content.

In her research Trang will approach the implementation of 360 immersive video in regional/local journalism from the perspective of the audience as storytellers. Starting from the idea that a feeling of community is enhanced by creation processes and sharing with the other community members. And that engagement with a news provider may also get stronger when audience members contribute themselves with news created by themselves. Trang aims to explore what kind of stories from their communities young Breda (Millennials and Gen z) residents would select to tell using 360 video technology. She will research how they would choose to tell the story using this immersive medium, and why they would make those particular choices. In doing so she will explore meaning of local news, self-perception as 360 degree video story tellers, perception of 360 degree video as storytelling medium and self-presentation through the told story. <br>

Trang will instruct 12 to 18 residents of Breda in the age group of 17-30 years old how to use 360 cameras. Instruct the DOs and DONTs in the filming process, as well as the advantages of this medium over traditional media, based on findings within this project as well as knowledge within the professorship Digital Media Concepts. The participants are not expected to have experience with using this immersive technology, but they are expected to have an above average interest in new technologies and to be following and seeking for Breda news at least with a weekly frequency. Trang will focus on participants that do have an interest in the events from Breda, that have any connection with the community as well engagement with new technologies. <br>

The participants will be given cameras and be asked to tell a story from their community that their find relevant and in a way that fits the qualities of 360 film. A content analysis of the resulting user generated video will be performed, followed by in-depth interviews with the creators. The reasons for choosing the specific content, as well as the reasons for the production choices will be explored, together with the meaning of the resulting production for the maker and expected impact on the prospective audiences. The best productions will be broadcasted by Breda Vandaag and the winning participants will be nominated and interviewed.

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